斜面控制台 AP,防护等级达 IP 55 的预装单元,有四种宽度可选。


材料 Materia
冷轧钢板 Cold rolled steel sheet
表面处理 Surface treatment
台体磷化底涂处理,外部为粉末涂层,颜色可分RAL7032和RAL7035两种两种织纹,安装板则为镀锌 Cabinet is applied with etch primer and covered with powder coating on the outer side. Two color textures, RAL7032 and RAL7035, are available. The mounting plate is galvanized.
防护等级 Protection grade
IP54(按GB4205-1993) IP54 (in accordance with GB4205-1993)
标准配置 Standard configuration
前单(双)门、操作台面、柜体、安装板、门锁、密封条、液压支撑 Front single (dual) door,operating console board,cabinet body, mounting plate,door lock, sealing strips and hydraulic support
钢板厚度 Thickness of steel sheet
箱体: 2.0mm Cabinet body: 2.0mm
门板: 2.0mm Door plate: 2.0mm
操作台面: 2.0mm Operation console board:2.0mm
安装板: 2.5mm Mounting plate: 2.5mm

产品特点 Features of products
● 人性化的结构设计美观大方
● 前单(双)门离地很高,约为25mm,确保开门顺畅和便利
● PU发泡技术确保台体的密封性

● Humanized structure design is elegant and decent.
Operating console board can be raised and fixed with luxury hydraulic supports, reflecting high-end quality and humanization of console body.
● Ground clearance of front single (dual) door is sufficient, about 25mm, ensuring smoothness and convenience of door opening.
Blind hinge, incapable of protruding into door frame and cabinet,easy to install and convenient for dismantlement of door plate
● PU foaming technology ensures tightness of console body