具有钢板门和钢制安装板的涂漆箱体。防护等级:IP 66、IP 65、IP 55、IP 54。

冷轧钢板Cold rolled steel sheet
表面处理Surface treatment
箱体和门板磷化底涂处理,外部为粉末涂层, 颜色可分RAL7032和RAL7035两种织纹,安装板则为镀锌 Etch primer for box body and door plate; powder coating for outside; RAL7032 or RAL7035 texture optional; galvanized mounting plate
防护等级Protection grade
IP56(按GB4205-1993) IP56 (acc. to GB4205-1993)
标准配置Standard configuration
门板、箱体、密封条、接地套件、安装板、门锁 Door plate, box body, sealing strip, grounding set, mounting plate, door lock
钢板厚度Plate thickness
箱体:1.2-1.5mm Box body: 1.2-1.5mm
门板:1.5mm Door plate: 1.5mm
安装板:2.5mm Mounting plate: 2.5mm

产品特点 Features of products
● 180度铰链确保门开启角度达到180度
● 镀锌钢板制成的安装板不但可以在箱外做布线使用,并提供更大的安装空间

● 180o hinge allows 180o door opening
Multiple protection grooves are designed at the box opening for reinforcement, which can prevent the entry of dirt or water when the door is opened, and offer a larger box opening space
● The mounting plate made of galvanized plate can be used for wiring outside the box and provide a larger mounting space
PU foaming sealing strip ensures a protection grade of IP56 to box body