具有钢盖的涂漆箱体。防护等级:IP 65。

冷轧钢板Cold rolled steel sheet

表面处理Surface treatment
Etch primer for box body and door plate; powder coating for outside; RAL7032 or RAL7035 texture optional

防护等级Protection grade
IP56(按GB4205-1993) IP56 (acc. to GB4205-1993)

标准配置Standard configuration
Door plate, box body, sealing strip, cover screw, mounting plate (option)

钢板厚度Plate thickness
箱体: 1.2-1.5mm Box body: 1.2-1.5mm
门板: 1.5mm Door plate: 1.5mm
安装板: 2.5mm Mounting plate: 2.5mm

● 门板与箱体采用专用螺钉和护圈按通用标准安装,不但确保防护等级而且确保箱体在极狭小空间使用及维护
● PU发泡密封条确保箱体防护等级达到IP56
● 箱体两侧配有开有螺丝孔的支架条,确保最大的安装高度,并可以安装支撑轨或安装板

Features of products
● The door plate and box body are installed with special screws and retainers in accordance with common standards, which can ensure the Protection grade and the operation and maintenance in the narrow space in the box
Multiple protection grooves are designed at the box opening can not only reinforce the structure but also prevent the entry of dirt or water when the door is opened
● PU foaming sealing strip ensures a protection grade of IP56 to box body
The grounding can be connected to box body and door plate
● Racks with screw holes are provided on both sides of the box to ensure the max. mounting height and allow the installation of supporting rail or mounting plate
The special plastic insulating sleeve can provide sealing and prevent door plate screw loosening, and guide screws when they are tightened